So I am definitely not one to post things like this, as you can see from my previous post, but this is just something that really got me today. I’m in the market for a new dress and I have to say that I love the Forever21+ line. Through my browsing however, what I did not like was the obvious photoshopping that they did to their already beautiful plus models. 

Both pictures shown are the exact same picture and they are both posted under the same dress. That was the biggest mistake. Its like they left it there just waiting for one of us to find it and scrutinize it. Regardless of their dumb mistake, you can clearly see between the two that they photoshopped the models face to make her face smaller, cut half of her neck off, and through some more hair in front of her eyes to hide the obvious, im guessing. 

I get it, majority of sites photoshop their models and photos to look more appealing, but c’mon.. I think we have all had enough of it. Shes is clearly a beautiful women and doesn’t deserve be altered around. Forever21, you were doing so well with the plus lines, I love it and I am sure plenty of other women love it as well, just enough is enough. Stop trying to toy with all of these beautiful women.